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The Doorbell Boa is a great tool for consumers who reside in apartments, dorms, highrises or while traveling. Its patent pending design makes it easy to slide on and off doors. Renters usually aren’t permitted to mount security cameras or basically anything outside of their apartments. And if a consumer was bold enough to simply mount a Video Doorbell System outside using double-sided velcro and not have it stolen, we truly hope the better angels of neighbors and uninvited guests would leave it mounted – highly unlikely though. The Doorbell Boa is designed to allow renter the ability to place a video doorbell system on their doors without damaging the landlord’s property.

Here are a few details about the Doorbell Boa:

Note: Video Doorbell Device is NOT included with mount. You must order your preferred system to place inside the Doorbell Boa. (Non-wired systems only)

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