Our Story

As seen in the photo, both James Pritchett(left) and Doug Ohlson(right) are genuinely excited about this venture. Immediately after the idea was discussed, the wheel was set in motion. They both went into action by filing multiple patent applications, planning their work then working their plan. Sadly, during the first 30 days of their plan execution, they saw heart-wrenching news stories of crimes taking place in local Atlanta apartment complexes and condos where an amazing video doorbell system could have possibly made a difference. Since renters find it difficult to install video doorbells, they knew their invention was a solution to a problem. Fortunate for them, Doug is an attorney and a successful business owner while James brings high-caliber Fortune 500 Marketing Director & product management experience, award-winning design and is a self-proclaimed safety nut. They fused their talents and formed Doorbell Boa LLC in October 2019.

After getting early feedback from research groups, both James and Doug began fast-tracking the project. They worked closely with local Atlanta 3D prototyping companies to produce their early prototypes. Then the testing began with steel fabricators and product specialists.

November 2019 – They shot their first promotional episode of Apartment Adventures (see it on the Videos page). Fast forward to now – they are waiting on their first shipment of Doorbell Boas to arrive in early 2020.

February/March 2020 – After working closely with their product engineer Noah McNeely, they were ready to fast-track the production following the Chinese New Year. However, the planet had other plans. The devastating Coronavirus (COVID19) began to spread across Asia and Europe before jumping the pond into North and South America. The world went on lockdown. Their manufacturing was halted while factory workers were ordered to stay home and in place to help stop the spread of the deadly virus. They went into shelter-in-place mode themselves in Atlanta.

April 29, 2020 – While the Coronavirus still has them staying 6 feet apart (reason they had to take seperate pictures celebrating its arrival!), they were really excited to see the quality of the manufacturing and the final product. They think the consumers will really appreciate the strength and design of the Doorbell Boa and plan to ship all of their Early Supporters who preordered Doorbell Boas this month! (Thank You!!!!!)

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