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This model of the Doorbell Boa Door Mount is designed specifically to hold the RING 1, RING 2, RING 3 and Generic Larger Sized Video Doorbell Systems. The container is made of a durable ABS and metal combination with a patent pending design to deter theft of the Boa and to deter unexpected guests. It is designed to be easily removed from the door for battery recharging. Ring Video Doorbell System and/or Generic Video Doorbell System not included.
MSRP $39.99

With the emergence of smart video and audio assisted doorbells in homes across America, we wanted to expand the inner-peace such devices offer to non-home owners. And after speaking with people who weren’t able to install video doorbells, we realized they really wanted these type of security devices too. So in early 2020, we fast-tracked our design while still focusing on producing a durable and solid product. However, the manufacturing stage was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We wanted to get them on the market as soon as possible too. Not only for sales purposes, but because in the time since we began the development and testing of the mount, we’ve seen an apartment being shot into 60 times (yes…one apartment) and also the untimely death of Alexis Crawford at Clark Atlanta University. In these cases and many others across the country, apartment complexes and dorms that monitor their doors and hallways as one protective force may deter some of these senseless acts of violence and crime. As the creators of the Doorbell Boa are both fathers of young kids that will one day depart for college and life on their own, we are proud to FINALLY offer this product to apartment renters, dorm residents and everyone else who dreams of a safer world. We have them in stock finally and your order will help us grow faster and make communities safer everywhere.

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